Wedding day is here

It’s been an eventful week in Italy getting ready to be married tomorrow in Monteriggioni later today.

We arrived in Florence on Monday and went shopping for shoes and ties. I purchased a pair of handmade Italian wingtips and a nice tie. Suzanna was looking for shoes but settled for a beautiful leather jacket instead. (She wasn’t going to buy it, but I talked her into splurging.)

On Tuesday my Mom and oldest brother, Tom, arrived as did Suzanna’s parents. We met them at the airport and whisked them and Phil (the photographer) off to the villa near Gaiole in Chianti.

The villa and it’s setting in beautiful Chianti, which we rented over the internet is spectacular. 

The Villa

The Villa

Medical Emergencies and Lots of Eating

On Wednesday after a nice early morning  walk in the countryside, we set out for Siena. We parked outside one of the gates of this large hill town and walked together into the town. Unfortunately, the seniors in the party tired easily and Suzanna’s Mom, Marion, fainted outside the Siena Duomo (the Cathedral).

Suzanna, Me, Suzanna’s Parents, and My Mom in Siena

Suzanna, Me, Suzanna’s Parents, and My Mom in Siena

Had an ambulance arrived sooner (they were all busy), she might have gone to a hospital but she was back to normal after a few minutes and we were able to call off the ambulance and switch to a couple of taxis to take us back to our cars. We ended the evening with a fabulous multi-course prix fixe dinner at Ristorante Villa a Sesta – Castelnouvo Beradenga

Rehearsal Sans Priest

On Thursday morning, Siuzanna and I met Jackie (the wedding planner) in Monteriggioni for the verbal hearing. This was our final set of documents to complete prior to the ceremony!

Later in the day, Peter and Tammy (our best couple) arrived in the afternoon and we all traipsed off to Monteriggioni for the rehearsal. Only one problem: Father Crispin was no where to be found. The bride was about one minute from a meltdown when Father Crispin finally arrived and all was much better!

The Wedding Party Post-Rehearsal

The wedding party in front of Santa Maria Assunta Church after the rehearsal.

More Eating

Back at the villa, Enzo, Max, and Ducco (our hosts at the villa and wonderful cooks I might add) made us a delicious multi-course dinner (sounds like a pattern!) and we ate and drank entirely too much. (So far the over-eating has been a theme of our trip—that needs to moderate soon but probably not for at least another day.)

One of the highlights of the evening, was when Suzanna shared her lovely blog post from last week with her parents and the entire wedding party.

Rehearsal Dinner Parental Moment

A special moment where Suzanna’s Mom & Dad are reading Suzanna’s touching blog post.

A Soggy Wedding Morning

Outside villa on wedding morning

What it looked like outside the villa at 11 AM.

Today we woke—on our wedding day—to pouring rain. The villa was surrounded by little streams and mud everywhere!

We tried to maintain a good sense of humor about it and fortunately it stopped raining about two hours ago and the sun has now come out.

Just a couple of hours later!

Just a couple of hours later!

Now I will end this brief post (I had so much more to say…) and go for a quick run and then we will commence getting ready for the big event.

Suzanna and I have been planning this day for over 18 months. It seemed like it would never come but finally it is upon us. I am teary-eyed just writing that last sentence.

We are so thankful to have my family, friends, and our priest, Father Crispin, here to share our wedding with us. I’m sure it will be wonderful.

Gaoile in Chianti