Location Decided! Planning Begins!


On Wednesday we headed north from the agriturisimo. Today our plan was to hit at least four different towns and perhaps five or six churches. Last June, in 2011, I proposed to Suzanna… Continue reading

Visceral Response


After touring numerous churches with Paul, each one a perfectly lovely setting for a wedding, I started to question my ability to make a decision. I started to ask myself the same questions… Continue reading

Southern Tuscany


We arrived at our agriturismo on Monday, the lovely San Lorenzo a Linari (recommended!), about 8K southwest of Siena. We awoke around 4:40 AM unable to sleep due the whole time zone shift… Continue reading

D’ove Manga!?


After an uneventful flight into Roma we set out in the rental car, a Fiat Panda, off to our agriturissimo near Siena. I drove first since Paul didn’t sleep much on the plane.… Continue reading

First Day in Italy


After a long pair of flights (are transcontinental flights ever not horribly too long?), we finally touched down in Rome about 18 hours after we departed from Seattle. We picked up our rental… Continue reading

Heading Off to Italy to Find a Place to Get Married


We are sitting in JFK airport waiting to take off on a flight to Rome. Earlier today, we awoke a little before 5am. Our friend Star picked us up and drove us to… Continue reading

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