Traveling to Monteriggioni

We do realize that the location of our wedding is not exactly around the corner for our friends and family. Thus, we are greatly indebted to anyone considering making the trip to Monteriggioni for our wedding.

Getting There

In order to assist you in getting to Monteriggioni, here is some helpful information:
•    Monteriggioni is a small Tuscan hilltown located 15km (9 miles) north of Siena.
•    Nearest airports:

  • Florence (50km or 31 miles).
  • Pisa (95 km or 59 miles).
  • Rome (251km or 156 miles).

MonteriggioniMapFrom any of these airports you can rent a car or take a train to Siena (the closest city).If you decide to take the train, please let us know and we can likely have someone pick you up at the train station in Siena.

Note: if you plan to rent a car in Italy, it is highly recommended that you obtain an International Driver’s Permit at your local AAA office prior to departure.

Monteriggioni appears as a crude x on this map just north of Siena. Florence, Pisa, and Rome have been highlighted on this map. (Thanks, Google Maps.)

Finding a Place to Stay

There is a hotel in the town of Monteriggioni, the Hotel Monteriggioni. If you rent a car, there are number of another nice options, either staying in the lovely town of Siena or perhaps a villa or agriturismo (converted farm house). You can use many travel websites; some we have found most helpful include,, and is another great resource.

Finding the Church

Monteriggioni is tiny. The Rough Guide to Tuscany & Umbia says “An athlete could probably run the main street, from south to north gates, in about ten seconds.” The ceremony will be celebrated at the Roman Catholic church, Santa Maria Assunta (the only church in the town) which is in the center of the town square and can’t be missed.

Oh, and in case you missed it, the wedding is on Friday, October 12th at 4:30 PM.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta (Santa Maria Assunta church), Monteriggioni.